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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Turning on and heating up

Each time the appliance is turned on, it performs an automatic preheat and rinse cycle which cannot be interrupted. The appliance is ready for use only after completion of this cycle. 


Be careful. During rinsing, a little hot water flows from the coffee spouts. 

To turn the appliance on, press the ON/OFF/stand-by button (A7) (fig. 1). The message “HEATING UP... PLEASE WAIT” is displayed.
When heating is complete, the message changes to “RINSING”; The appliance is at temperature when the message “MEDIUM CUP NORMAL TASTE” is displayed. If no icon is pressed within about 2 minutes, the time (if set, see the “Setting the clock” section) is displayed.
If the time has not been set, the appliance displays the last functions set. When any icon is pressed, “MEDIUM CUP NORMAL TASTE” is displayed again. The appliance is ready to make coffee again.

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