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Fisher & Paykel Product Help


Displays the product overview and touch control overview of your coffee maker.

Product overview


Touch controls overview


Product Overview descriptions
A1. Cup tray
A2. Service door
A3. Coffee guide
A4. Waste coffee container
A5. Brewing unit
A6. Cup tray lights
A7. On/OFF/stand-by button
A8. Display
A9. Control panel
A10. Cappuccino maker (removable)
A11. Cappuccino maker nozzle
A12. Water tank
A13. Coffee spout (adjustable height)
A14. Drip tray
A15. Bean container lid
A16. Bean container
A17. Grinding adjustment knob
A18. Pre-ground coffee funnel door
A19. Measure
A20. Compartment for measure
A21. Pre-ground coffee funnel
A22. Power cable
A23. Main switch
A24. Tray
A25. IEC connector
A26. Water softener filter (optional)
Description of the control panel
Only the icons available in the function currently being used will be lit on the touch screen.
A light touch is enough to activate the icon.
B1. Display: guides the user in using the appliance.
B2. 2017-07-07_1005.png icon to activate or deactivate menu parameter setting mode
B3. 2017-07-07_1005_001.png icon to turn lights A6 on and off
B4. 2017-07-07_1005_002.png icon to select the coffee taste
B5. 2017-07-07_1005_003.png icon to select the type of coffee (espresso, small cup, medium cup, large cup, mug)
B6. ESC icon (x) to exit the selected mode
B7-B8. 2017-07-07_1006.png icons to scroll forwards or backwards through the menu and display the various modes
B9. OK icon ( ) to confirm the selected function
B10. 2017-07-07_1006_001.png icon to deliver a cup of coffee
B11. 2017-07-07_1006_002.png icon to deliver two cups of coffee
B12. 2017-07-07_1006_003.png icon to deliver steam
B13. 2017-07-07_1007.png icon to deliver hot water
2017-07-07_1016.png 2017-07-07_1016_001.png 2017-07-07_1016_002.png 2017-07-07_1017.png
2017-07-07_1017_001.png 2017-07-07_1017_002.png 2017-07-07_1018.png 2017-07-07_1019.png
2017-07-07_1020.png 2017-07-07_1020_001.png 2017-07-07_1021.png 2017-07-07_1021_001.png
2017-07-07_1022.png 2017-07-07_1022_001.png 2017-07-07_1023.png 2017-07-07_1023_001.png
2017-07-07_1025.png 2017-07-07_1026.png 2017-07-07_1028.png 2017-07-07_1028_001.png
2017-07-07_1029.png 2017-07-07_1030.png 2017-07-07_1031.png 2017-07-07_1031_001.png
2017-07-07_1032.png 2017-07-07_1033.png 2017-07-07_1033_001.png 2017-07-07_1033_002.png
2017-07-07_1034.png 2017-07-07_1034_001.png 2017-07-07_1035.png  
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