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Baking chart


  • The settings in the following chart are guidelines only. Follow the instructions in your recipe or on food packaging and be prepared to adjust the oven settings and baking times to achieve the best possible results for you.
  • Shelf positions are counted from the base up (1 is the lowest, 4 the highest).
  • Arrange oven shelves before you turn the oven on, then preheat the oven to the required temperature. Place items in the oven only when the long tone has sounded and the temperature dial halo has turned from red to white.*
  • Single shelf positions below use the flat oven shelf; where a multi shelf arrangement is recommended, the higher position uses the step-down shelf.
  • Due to the width of the oven, a single shelf can usually accommodate double the standard recipe.
  • Always preheat the oven before baking. Please note that the grill element may be on while the oven heats to the preset temperature.
Food Note on Arrangement Shelf Position(s) Best Function Temp (°C) Time
Small cakes single shelf 2 Bake 180-190 13-17 mins
multi shelf 1 and 3 Fan Forced 160-170 16-21 mins
Scones single shelf 2 Fan Forced 210-230 8-12 mins
multi shelf 1 and 3 Fan Forced 210-230 8-12 mins
Sponge two small pans (20 cm),on single shelf 2 Bake 170-190 25-35 mins
one large pan (26 cm) 2 Bake 175 30-40 mins
Light fruit cake two pans (21 cm) on single shelf 2 Bake 155-165 1 hr 30 mins
Rich fruit cake exact baking time will depend on size 2 Bake 130-150 3-6 hrs
Apple pie single she 1 Bake 185 35-45 mins
Custard tart single shelf 1 Bake 220, then 180** 10, then 20-30** mins
Quiche single shelf 1 Bake 180-200 30-40 mins
Meringues single shelf 1 Bake 100-120 1 hr
Bread rolls single shelf 1 Bake 210-230 15-20 mins
Muffins 2 x 12 muffin trays on single shelf 3 Fan Forced or Fan Bake 190-200 10-15 mins
Pastry case (baked ‘blind’) one 21 cm flan tin 1 Pastry Bake 200 10 mins with beans, then 10 mins without

*the colour change and tone may occur some time after the set temperature has been reached. This is because—when heating up from cold—your oven is designed to initially heat to a temperature somewhat higher than what you have set. This is to provide optimal baking conditions right from the start.

** This is a two-stage baking process: adjust the temperature after the first stage.

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