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Automatic cooking

Details how to set the cooking time, stop time, and select function and temperature.
  • You can set the oven to automatically turn on later, cook for a preset time (cooking time), then automatically turn off at a preset stop time. See the example and instructions below (steps 1 to 7).
  • If you start cooking manually and only want the oven to turn off automatically after a set cooking time: simply set the cooking time following steps 1 to 3 below. The oven will automatically turn off when the cooking time is over.

Safe food handling: leave food in the oven for as short a time as possible before and after cooking or defrosting. This is to avoid contamination by organisms which may cause food poisoning. Take particular care during warmer weather.

Example: It is 11:05 a.m. You want your food to cook for 1 hour, and you would like it to be ready by lunchtime (12:30 p.m.)

Set the cooking time 

  1. Check the clock shows the correct time of day.

  1. Press the right scroll button twice to scroll  to the cooking time  indicator.
  2. Press the select  button to confirm.

  1. Press the right scroll  button to set the cooking time. Make sure you allow for preheat time in your calculation.
  2. Press the select  button to confirm.

Set the stop time

  1. Press the right scroll  button once scroll to the stop time indicator.
  2. Press the select  button to confirm.

  1. Press the right scroll  button to set the time you would like your food to be ready by (ie the stop time).
  2. Press the select  button to confirm.

Select function and temperature

  1. Select a function.

  1. Set the temperature.

When automatic cooking is set

  • The oven and the lights will stay off, the halos will be unlit, but your oven is now set for automatic cooking. It will automatically turn on at the required time.
  • In a few seconds, the display will show the time of day with the cooking time  and stop time  indicators lit.

You can modify the function and temperature while the oven is waiting to start cooking.

When the stop time is reached

The oven will automatically turn off and a long tone will sound.

To check the set cooking time and stop time

Use the scroll  buttons.

To cancel automatic cooking

Turn the function dial to Off.

To change the cooking or stop time

Use the right scroll  button to scroll to the cooking time   or the stop time , to select the one you want to change and use the scroll buttons to change the time. Press the select  button to confirm.

To see the current time of day

Press the cancel  button.

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