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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Final Checklist

Lists the final checklist to be completed by the installer to verify safety and an optimal user experience.

To be Completed By The Installer 

  • Make sure the appliance is level and securely fitted to the cabinetry and the oven door opens and closes freely.
  • Make sure all the internal packaging has been removed from the oven cavity.
  • Make sure all oven vents and openings are clear and are free of any obstruction/damage.

Failure to make sure all oven vents are unobstructed may result in poor product performance.

  • Make sure that the isolating switch is accessible by the customer.
  • Turn the power to the oven on. The display should light up and show 0:00.
  • Turn the oven function dial to ‘Bake’. Air should blow out of the vent at the top of the oven. Inside the oven cavity, both oven lights should come on. After five minutes, open the oven door: the air inside should feel warm.
  • Turn the oven function dial back to OFF.
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