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Setting the Clock

You set the clock within the user preference menu. To learn more about the user preference menu, refer to your 'User guide'.

If you do not wish to set the time initially when the oven is first switched on at the wall, press the cancel X button to exit the clock setting. If you want to set the clock later, follow the steps under ‘To change the time’.

When the oven is first switched on at the wall

To change the time
(within the user preference menu)

  1. The display will flash .


2a. Press the right scroll right.png button to scroll between  and 

2b. Press the select  button to confirm.

  1. Press and hold the left and right scroll  buttons together for 3 seconds to enter the user preference menu.
  • The display will either show  or 
  1. Press the select  button to confirm. The display will flash.
  2. Follow steps 2-5 left to set the time.
  • At step 2a, you also now have the ability to scroll between  and  (turns the display off ).Refer to the User guide to learn more about this feature.

  1. Press the left and right scroll buttons to set the time.

  1. Press the select  button to confirm.
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