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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Your Oven

  • For detailed information on the other features of your oven, see your ‘User guide’.
  • Before using your oven, make sure you read the full ‘User guide’, with special attention to the ‘Safety and warnings’ section.
  • For contact information or if you require service, assistance or replacement parts, see the end of this document or your ‘Service & warranty’ booklet.


  1. Control panel
  2. Oven vent louvres
  3. Step down oven wire shelf
  4. Oven light
  5. Telescopic sliding shelf
  6. Side rack
  7. Oven wire shelf
  8. Oven door and handle
  9. Oven seal


  1. Grill rack
  2. Smokeless grill tray
  3. Deep Roasting dish
  4. Flat baking tray
  5. Catalytic panels

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