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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

The Control Panel

Details using the control panel and the various touch controls.



Temperature Indicator

If lit: oven is pre heating


Touch controls

Using the touch controls

  • Use the ball of your finger, not its tip. The controls respond to touch, so you don’t need to apply
    any pressure.

Setting the clock

The clock needs to be set before you can use your oven.


  1. When the power to the oven is turned on or restored after a power failure,  will flash in the display

  1. Touch the  of the  to set the time.

  1. Touch the cooking time  and stop time  controls together for 2 seconds to accept the time
  • the display will stop flashing
  • the oven will beep to confirm the time is set

To Change the Time

  1. Touch the cooking time  and stop time  controls together for 2 seconds.
    The centre dot will flash.
    Touch the  and  control's to set the new time
    Touch the cooking time and stop time controls together again for 2 seconds to accept the new time.
  • the centre dote will stop flashing
  • the oven will beep to confirm the new time is set.

Remove all cable ties and packaging

  • Before using your oven for the first time, remove all cable ties and internal packaging holding the shelving in place if the installer has not done so.

  • If you have catalytic panels (purchased separately) you need to fit them before using the oven.

  • See ‘Care and Cleaning’ for instructions on how to fit them.

  • We recommend you then condition the oven.

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