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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

First Use

  • Your oven comes with one wire shelf, two telescopic sliding shelves and a drop down wire shelf.
  • The following shows you how to remove and reposition the shelves to your preferred position
  • We recommend you then condition the oven.
  1. Remove all cable ties & packaging holding the shelves in place


  1. Remove shelves from the oven
    1. Remove all the shelving, taking special care with the telescopic sliding shelves.
    2. To remove a telescopic sliding shelf, grip it at the front (making sure you are gripping the wire shelf and the sliding frame together), lift upwards and pull it out of the oven. For your safety, the wire shelf and telescopic sliding frame are built together as one unit and are not separable.


  1. Replace shelving in your preferred positions

We recommend placing the telescopic sliding shelves on positions 2 and 4 as these are the shelf positions most often used

  • To replace a wire shelf, check the guard rail (as shown) to make sure the shelf is the right way up. slide it horizontally back along the side racks ensuring it is level and the stop notch is facing down
  • To replace a telescopic sliding shelf, position it so that the front bar is toward you, as shown.
  • Check that the sliding frame is not extended
  • Check the guard rail (as shown) to make sure the shelf is the right way up.
  • Position the shelf so that it is level and the rear shelf tag at the back of the sliding frame rests behind the side rack wire (as shown)
  • Then push the sliding shelf all the way to the back of the oven, until the front shelf tag drops into place behind the side rack wire.
  • For your safety, the wire shelves and telescopic sliding frames are built together as one unit and are not separable. This means that when placed properly on the side racks, the slides will prevent the wire shelves from tilting when pulled towards you.
  • To prevent the tags from lifting off the side racks, take care to slide the shelves forward horizontally.
Replacing a wire shelf
Replacing a telescopic sliding shelf
  1. Condition the oven

It is important to condition your oven before using it for cooking and baking. Conditioning will burn off any manufacturing residues and ensure that you get the best results right from the start.

  1. Make sure you have removed ALL the cable ties used to secure the shelving during transit.
  2. Make sure you have set the clock.
  3. Make sure all the shelves are fitted.


  1. Select the Bake function.
  • The halo will glow white.
  • Each function has a preset temperature and so the oven will start heating at the Bake preset temperature of 180°C.


  1. Set the temperature to 200°C for 30 minutes.
  • While the oven is heating up, the temperature halo will glow red and the temperature indicator will alternately show the actual and set temperatures.
  • When the oven has reached set temperature, a tone will sound and the halo will turn white


  1. After 30 minutes is up, select the Fan Grill 2017-07-10_1654.png function.


  1. Leave the temperature at 200°C for 5 minutes.
  • The halo will remain white.


  1. When you have finished, turn the function dial to Off 2017-07-10_1656.png. The halos will go out.
  • There will be a distinctive smell and a small amount of smoke during the conditioning of the oven. This is normal, but make sure the kitchen is well ventilated during the conditioning.
  • Once cooled, wipe out the oven with a damp cloth and mild detergent, and dry thoroughly.
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