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How to Set the Clock on Your Oven - All Models


Compare the Images below with your Oven Display, to find which is the correct method to set the clock on your Oven.


The clock should be set on your Oven or Range prior to your 'First Use' and always after a 'Power Outage'.

Clock Display #5 OB60SVMX2_mug.png Clock Display #3 OB60DDEX3.png
clipboard_e5c43fd471b6cd19a4f1691056c0e28fe.png clipboard_e36b30f8113e79790c0bf4d8f8a4a56d7.png
Clock Display #6 OB24SCDEPX1-pyrolytic-walloven_pics_Page_2.png Clock Display #2 OB60SL9DEX1.png



Clock Display #1 OB60.jpg Clock Display #8 OR90SCI6R1.PNG

OB60 How to set clock.PNG

How to Set the Clock_OR90 series 6.PNG


With this option saved, you can still use the oven and  timer, however the display will remain unlit.  

You cannot use any automatic cooking functions when this option is selected. 
To quit this option and enable the display, press and hold CANCEL.

Clock Display #4 OB60HDEX2.png Clock Display #7 OR90SDBSIPX1_Mug.png
OB60 Under Bench How to set Clock.PNG clipboard_e4e27b0db37280ee7fc6f0b72d82eee75.png
Addition to How to set clock on Ovens_Ranges.jpg

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