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Fisher & Paykel Product Help


Showcases your built-in oven and briefly gives you some instructions on what to do before your first use and a list of the parts that make up your appliance.

Congratulations on your new purchase. Your Fisher & Paykel oven has a number of features to make cooking a great experience for you:

  • a wide choice of oven functions
  • intuitive controls and displays

Before you start

  • Make sure the installer has completed the ‘Final checklist’ in the Installation instructions.
  • Read this guide, taking special note of the ‘Safety and warnings’ section.
  • Remove all packaging and dispose of it responsibly. Recycle items that you can.
  • Fit the side racks and catalytic panels (see ‘Fitting the side racks and catalytic panels’).
  • We recommend you then condition the oven, using the instructions following.

 Not all accessories are provided with all models. To purchase other accessories, contact your nearest Fisher & Paykel Authorised Service Centre, Customer Care or visit our local website listed on the back cover. 


  1. Control panel 
  2. Oven vent louvres
  3. Oven light
  4. Sliding shelf support
  5. Wire shelf
  6. Side rack
  7. Step down oven wire shelf
  8. Oven door and handle
  9. Oven seal
  10. Drip channel



  1. Grill rack
  2. Grid
  3. Roast Dish
  4. Flat baking tray
  5. Catalytic panels (suitable for some models only).

Fitting the side racks and catalytic panels (some models only)

You will find your side racks, catalytic panels (some models only) and sliding shelf supports in the accessory box supplied with your oven. 

Fit the catalytic panel to the side rack

  1. Ensure the panels are placed the correct way around: the cutout fits over the light and the hole for the  fixing screw goes to the front of the oven. 

 Panels should sit flush against the oven wall.

  1. Fit the rear prongs of the side rack through the  holes in the catalytic panel.

Fit the side racks

  1. Slide the rear prongs of the side rack into the holes at the rear of the oven
  2. Fit the side rack front tab (and catalytic panel if fitted) over the fixing screw. 
  3. Replace the fixing nut. You may use a coin to tighten the nut.


2017-06-28_1446.png 2017-06-28_1447.png

Fitting the sliding shelf supports


Compact ovens only:

The sliding shelf supports cannot be used on shelf positions 3 and 4.


To fit
  1. Ensure the slides are the correct way  around (the front of the slide has the  triangular shaped tab as shown). 
  2. Fit the top of the clips over the side rack,  the front clip should be fitted as close to  the front of the side rack as possible. Make sure the rear clip has engaged.
  3. Rotate the slide down and ‘click’ the  bottom of the clips into place.




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