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Sabbath Settings



This setting is designed for religious faiths that observe a ‘no work’ requirement on the Sabbath.


While Your Oven is in Sabbath Setting

  • The display, dial halos and indicators will be unlit, the controls will be unresponsive.
  • No tones or beeps will sound.
  • No alert codes or temperature changes will be displayed.
  • The oven lights will stay on. If you want the oven lights to be off during Sabbath setting, first select the ‘Lights off’ option as described in ‘User preference settings’, and only then set Sabbath setting.
  • Bake Bake_No Word.PNG is the only function available in Sabbath setting.


How to Set Sabbath Setting

Set Sabbath #1.PNG Set Sabbath #2.PNG

1. Touch and hold the scroll Left_Right Arrows.PNGcontrols together for 3 seconds to enter the user preference menu.

2. Touch the right scroll Right Arrow.PNG control to scroll to the Sabbath setting.

3. Touch the select Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNGcontrol to select the Sabbath setting. The default option is ‘Sabbath off’.

Set Sabbath #3.PNG

4. Touch the select Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNGcontrol to activate

the option.

  • The display will flash 1:00.
Set Sabbath #4.PNG Set Sabbath #5.PNG


5. Touch the scroll Left_Right Arrows.PNG controls to set the time (hrs). You may set the time up to 99 hours.

6. Touch the select Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNGcontrol to activate the option.

Set Sabbath #6.PNG

7. Select the Bake Bake_No Word.PNG function.

8. Set the desired temperature.

9. Wait until the oven starts up.


The display, indicators and dial halos will be unlit and unresponsive, but the oven will bake until you quit Sabbath setting.


To Quit Sabbath Setting

Touch and hold the cancel X.PNG control until the time of day appears in the display and the oven turns off.




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