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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Using the Timer

  • You can use the timer at any time, even if you are not using the oven.
  • The time counts down in minutes (hours:min) until the last 5 minutes of cooking, when it will countdown in seconds (min:sec).
  • You can set the timer for up to 4 hours.

The timer does NOT turn the oven off.

  1. Check the display shows the correct time of day.

  1. Touch the timer  control.

  • the display will show
  • the timer indicator  and dot will flash.

  1. Touch the  and controls to set the time.
  2. Touch the timer  control to set the timer or wait 5 seconds and the display will show the time of day and the timer indicator .

  1. To check the time remaining time: Touch the timer  control.
    • During the last 5 minutes of the countdown the display will show the time remaining.

To cancel the timer

  1. Touch the timer  control to show the remaining time.

  2. Either:
    Touch the control and scroll the time down to or
    Touch and hold the and controls. together until the displays shows

  3. the timer indicator and display will flash for a few seconds and then return to the time of day.

At the end of the countdown

  • The timer will ‘beep’ every 7 seconds.

  • The time indicator will flash

  • The display will show

  • To cancel the beeping and return to the time of day, touch any control.

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