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If you cant’ find an answer to your problem in the chart below, or if the problem cannot be fixed, you will need technical help. Contact your Authorised Service Centre or Customer Care.

Problem Possible cause What to do

The oven is not heating and the oven light is off.

No power supply to the oven.

Check that the oven is connected to the power supply and the power is turned on.
If it is and the oven still doesn’t work, there may be a power failure in your home or area.

Models with analogue timer: the oven has not been set to manual mode.

Set the oven to manual mode by turning the analogue timer knob clockwise to the Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.23.27 AM.png symbol.

Models with electronic clock: the clock has not been set.

Set the clock. See ‘Oven controls and setting the clock’ for instructions.

Models with six-button electronic clock: the oven is set for automatic cooking.

See section ‘Automatic cooking’ for information.

Electronic clock models:Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.18.51 AM.png is flashing in the clock display and the oven will not work.

The power to the oven has been turned on or restored after a power failure.

Set the clock. See ‘Oven controls and setting the clock’ for instructions.

The oven light does not come on, but the oven is heating.

The light bulb has blown.

Replace the bulb. See instructions in ‘Care and cleaning’.

Condensation: droplets of water in or around oven (e.g. on control panel, oven door, rubber seal framing the cavity, surrounding cabinetry).

Food has high moisture content or local climate (temperature, humidity) is contributing to condensation.

Some condensation is normal. You can wipe the droplets off with a soft cloth.

Fan noise and ventilation air are coming from the oven both during and after use.

A cooling fan in the oven runs to keep the oven door and control panel cool at all times. It may continue to run after the oven has been turned off.

This is normal and requires no action.

Uneven baking results.

Oven not properly preheated.

Put the food in the oven only when the temperature indicator light has gone out.

Incorrect function, bakeware, cooking time, or shelf position.

See ‘Baking charts’ for recommendations.

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