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Using your oven


Fig. 11 Positioning the shelves and grill tray – full and compact ovens

  1. Slide in the shelves you will need, making sure that:
  • they are between the two wires of a shelf position or on the sliding shelf supports
  • the stop notches point down
  • the guard rail is at the back.

The grill tray should be positioned between the two wires of a shelf position or on the sliding shelf supports, and orientated as shown.

  1. Select a function.
  • The oven light(s) will come on.
  • In single and compact models, the function indicator light will also come on.
  1. Set the temperature.
  • The temperature indicator light will come on.
  • It will go out when the oven has reached the set temperature.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.56.14 AM.png

Fig. 12 Turning the function knob (functions and knobs may vary)

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.56.23 AM.png

Fig. 13 Turning the temperature knob (knobs may vary)



During cooking

  • The temperature indicator light may come on and go out again as the oven maintains the temperature.
  • A cooling fan may automatically come on at different times and blow out warm air below the control panel. It may continue to run even after the oven has been turned off. This is normal.
  • Set the temperature back to off (0) before changing functions.

When you have finished cooking

Turn both the function and temperature knobs to the off (0) position.

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