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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Cleaning and maintenance

Your waste disposer is self-cleaning and scours itself with each use. Under normal usage, your waste disposer will not require any special care.


Always run cold water into the chamber before, during and after using the waste disposer. Do not use hot water.

Removing an odour
  • Grinding up a tray of ice cubes will help to clean the shredding plate.
  • Running orange or lemon rinds through the waste disposer will help to freshen up the grinding chamber.
Unblocking a jam
  1. Before investigating a blockage, you MUST disconnect the power supply.
  2. The waste disposer is magnetic. ALWAYS use non-magnetic tools, such as a wooden spoon or long handled plastic tongs when attempting to loosen a jam or remove an object from the waste disposer.
  3. After clearing the blockage or jam, turn the power back on, turn on a medium flow of cold water and run the waste disposer for half a minute to ensure that all the food waste is thoroughly flushed through the trap and drain.

If the motor does not start when activated, refer to the Overload Reset Button section below or the Troubleshooting guide on page 9.

 Overload Reset button

The waste disposer is fitted with an overload control which prevents the motor from operating should overloading occur. Overloading occurs when the motor is unable to turn, usually caused by a foreign object falling in to the chamber or too much food waste being fed through into the chamber at once, jamming the shredding plate. When overloaded the motor will stop automatically. To restart the motor the overload reset button must be pressed.

The reset overload button is a small red button located opposite the power cord outlet, near the bottom of the waste disposer. Before resetting the overload button, you MUST disconnect the power supply.


The motor is permanently lubricated for life. Do not attempt to lubricate your waste disposer.

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