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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Operating instructions

  1. Remove the sink stopper and turn on a medium flow of cold water.

Do not use hot water. Only cold water should be run through the waste disposer.

  1. Press the air switch or the wall mounted switch to activate the waste disposer.
  2. Feed food items through the sink opening of the waste disposer gradually.

Overloading the waste disposer with too much food waste at once may cause the blades to jam and the disposer to shut down. The overload button may be required to be reset. Refer to the Overload Reset button section on 'Cleaning and maintenance'.


Do not put hands or fingers into the waste disposer.

  1. Before turning the waste disposer off, let the water and the disposer run for approximately half a minute after shredding stops. This assures that all the food waste is thoroughly flushed through the trap and drain.
Helpful Hints
  • If a dishwasher drain hose has been connected to the waste disposer, be sure that the waster disposer’s chamber is empty before using the dishwasher to ensure the dishwasher is able to drain properly.
  • It is recommended to leave the stopper in the drain when the disposer is not in use to prevent utensils and foreign objects from falling into the waste disposer.
  • The waste disposer is designed to give you years of trouble-free service. The grind mechanism is built to handle all normal food wastes, but WILL NOT grind and dispose of items such as tin cans, bottles, bottle caps, glass, china, leather, large bones, mussel or oyster shells. These are waste materials that should be collected with your household rubbish.
  • We recommend cutting or breaking up items which require considerable grinding time, such as melon rinds, grapefruit skins, bones and corn cob husks or dispose of these items with your household waste collection.
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