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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Lower Basket

  • Use the lower basket for your largest dishes: pots, pans, lids, serving dishes and bowls.
  • Ensure dishware items do not block the spray arm above  from rotating.
  • Place larger plates between the longer tines to maximise stability.
  • If you need more height for tall items, you can raise the upper basket.
    See instructions opposite.

Adjustable wine glass support racks

  • Use to support wine glasses and stemware.
  • Adjust the height to suit the items stored below the racks.
  • Fold the racks away if you need to make space for taller items.

You can adjust these independently of each other to any height:

  1. Fold up to unlock the rack,
  2. Adjust the height to suit by sliding up or down.
  3. Fold down to lock in position.
  • Fold the racks away if you need the space.


Folding tine rack

  • These tines can be folded down if you need the space for pots or other large items.
  • Release by pushing the small clips at the rear and fold the tine sections down towards each other.



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