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Connect Inlet Hose to Cold Water

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Plumbing -- Water inlet connection

  • The appliance should be connected to the water main using the new water inlet hose supplied. Old hoses should not be used.
  • Do not shorten the inlet hose.
  1. Take note of water connection requirements.
    • The dishwasher has a single valve water connection.
    • We recommend a cold water connection for best performance and energy efficiency.
    • The incoming water temperature should not exceed 25°C.
  2. Take note of the permitted water pressure extremes.
    • Lowest: 0.3 bar = 3 N/cm2 = 30kPa
    • Where pressure is below 1 bar, contact a qualified plumber.
    • Highest: 10 bar = 100 N/cm2 = 1MPa
    • Where pressure is above 10 bar, a pressure reduction valve must be installed. Contact a qualified plumber.
  3. Connect the water inlet hose to an accessible water tap with a 3/4” BSP connector. Ensure that there is no kink in the inlet hose that could restrict the flow of water. A 90° bend requires a minimum height of 200mm for a kink-free curve.
    • Ensure incoming water is clear. If the water pipes have not been used for a long period of time, let the water run to make sure it is clear with no impurities. Not doing so may result in the water inlet hose getting blocked and damaging the appliance.
    • If required, use a filter to filter out deposits from the piping. The filter is available from your Autorised Service Centre or Customer Care.
  4. Tighten the hose coupling a farther half turn after seal contact.
  5. Check that the connection does not leak.
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