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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Controls Overview

Details many of the various controls descriptions such as the wash modifier selector, keylock, and more.


  1. Off/On
    Press  to turn the dishdrawer on or off
  2. Wash program selector
    Press  to scroll through wash programs.
  3. Delay Start
    Press  to enter delay start. (See 'Setting delay start')
  4. Start
    Press  to start the wash.

    To pause:
    Press  again or open door
  1. Keylock
  • Keylock disables all the buttons so that a wash cannot accidentally be started.
  • Keylock can be activated or canceled at any stage, including while a wash programme is running.

To activate:
Press and hold  and  together for a second until you hear a beep. The keylock indicator will come on and remain lit until keylock is canceled.

To cancel:
Press and hold  and  together for four second until you hear a beep. The keylock indicator will flash and then go out.

  1. Wash program indicators
    These show which program is selected.
  1. Display
    This shows: 
  • Time remaining (minutes)
  • the delay start time (hours)
  • Fault code numbers
    (see section ‘If there is a fault’).
  1. Wash progress indicators
    Shows the stage of the wash cycle currently in progress.
  2. Keylock indicator
    If lit: keylock is activated.
  3. Rinse aid indicator
    If lit: Rinse aid dispenser requires filling.
  4. Delayed start indicator
    If lit: delayed start is set.
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