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Technical Data

Check the electrical data on the rating label (located on the left-hand side of the dishwasher’s stainless steel inner door). Should the data on the rating label be different to those specified below, consider those on the rating label as correct.

  DW60FC1 models DW60FC2, 
DW60FC6 models
Capacity 14 place settings 15 place settings
Mains water pressure 0.03-1 MPa
(= 0.3-10 bar)
0.03-1 MPa
(= 0.3-10 bar)
Power voltage 220.240 V (50 Hz) 220.240 V (50 Hz)
Maximum current intensity 10 A 10 A
Total absorbed power 1900-2050 W 1720-2050 W


  • White
  • Stainless Steel
  • DW60FC1W1
  • DW60FC1X1
  • DW60FC2W1 DW60FC4W1 DW60FC6W1
  • DW60FC2X1 DW60FC4X1 DW60FC6X1


Anti-flood protection

This dishwasher has anti-flood protection, which will stop the water flowing in the event of a leak within the machine.

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