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Care and cleaning

Over time, food residue or limescale deposits may accumulate inside your dishwasher. These may reduce efficiency, and food residue may produce a bad odour. Inspect and clean your dishwasher regularly.

  • Before any cleaning or maintenance, always disconnect the dishwasher from the power supply, turn off the water supply, and wait until all parts of the dishwasher have cooled.

  • Do not use the following cleaning aids, as they may damage the surfaces: -plastic or stainless steel scouring pads
    -abrasive, solvent, household cleaners
    -acid or alkaline cleaners

    -laundry detergents or disinfectants -stainless steel cleaners or polishes -hand-washing liquids or soap

  • Where there is broken crockery or glass in the dishwasher, it must be carefully removed to prevent personal injury or damage to the appliance.

  • After cleaning, always check that the spray arms and filters are all correctly in place.

Cleaning the dishwasher exterior

Wipe with a clean, soft damp cloth and dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.


before cleaning the control panel, it is useful to disable the buttons by activating Keylock.

Cleaning the door seal and dishwasher interior

Clean thoroughly with warm water on a soft, lint-free cloth. If the interior is heavily soiled, use a dishwasher cleaner/descaler following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cleaning the filters

The filters prevent larger food particles in the wash water from reaching the pump. These particles may occasionally block the filters. We recommend cleaning the filters whenever there is evidence of food particles.

  • To remove the drain filter, turn the filter anti-clockwise to release, then lift out.
  • Once the drain filter has been removed you can lift the filter plate out.
  • Rinse them thoroughly under running water and then replace.

When cleaning the underside of the filter plate, take care handling its sharp outer edge.

  • Replace the filters correctly after cleaning, making sure the filter plate is flush with the dishwasher base.

Cleaning the spray arms

Limescale and food particles in the wash water can block the holes in the spray arms and the arm mountings. Clean these parts about once a month, or more often should the need arise.

  • To remove the upper spray arm, unscrew its locking nut.
  • To remove the lower spray arm, simply lift the spray arm off its mounting.
  • Rinse the spray arms thoroughly under running water, then refit them on theirmountings. Make sure you twist the locking nut on the upper spray arm firmly back on.

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