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How to attend to a fault - Designer models


Wash program panel Fault Code Possible Cause of Fault
U1 No water – the water supply hasn’t been turned on.
U4 Fault in the other drawer preventing the use of this drawer.
U6 The spray arm has loosened or come off its mounting, or water pressure is too low.
E1 Flood detected.
E2 Motor fault.
E3 Temperature sensor fault. You may need to have a tempering valve installed on your water supply, to ensure that incoming water is less than 65°C (149°F).
E4 Heating element failed.
E5 Fault with the internal lid of the dishwasher.
E6 Fault with the drying fan.
E7 Electronics fault—detergent dispensing system.

E8 Electronics fault—other systems.
E9 Electronics fault—controller.
EC Electronics fault—communication between drawers.
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