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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Product Dimensions

Details the various product dimensions of your DishDrawer.
Property (mm) Designer Integrated Remote control Integrated Badge control
A. overall height1 of product (incl. front panel height) 478 478 478
B. overall width of product 895 min. 855 min. 855
C. overall depth of product (excl. handle) 571 5712 5712
D. depth of chassis (to back of front panel) 553 553 553
E. maximum extension of drawer (excl. handle) 545 5452 5452
F. depth of front panel (excl. handle) 18 16-20 16-20
G. height1 of chassis 458 458 458
H. depth of handle 41 N/A N/A
I. height of front panel 470 4763 470
J. height of ventilation gap below front panel 8 min. 2 min. 8
K. height from top of handle to top of front panel 64 N/A N/A

1includes 2 mm high bracket slots
2Assuming front panel thickness of 18 mm
3Recommended for a 2 mm ventilation gap below front panel, if cavity height is 480 mm

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