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When Loading your Drawer, Make sure that

  • You place items so that water coming from the rotating spray arms below can reach all areas (wash performance will be reduced if it can’t).
  • Nothing blocks the water from getting to items on the adjustable racks.
  • Glass and other fragile items are stable, so that they do not accidentally topple and break during the wash.

How NOT to Load your Drawer

  • Overcrowded and wash water will not reach some of the dinnerware.
  • Cups, glasses and bowls must have their openings facing down.
  • The plates are nesting together and wash water may not get through.
  • Ensure cutlery are not nesting or stuck together. They need to be evenly spread out.

  • Ensure dishware items are not forced into or protrude out of the drawer, as this may prevent the internal lid of the drawer from properly sealing which could result in a service call.
  • Locate sharp items safely to prevent injuring the user and damaging the lid assembly.
  • Check the bottom of the cutlery basket to ensure sharp or pointed items have not come through as they may stop spray arm rotation.
  • Ensure cutlery has not fallen through the base rack and stopped the spray arms from rotating.
  • The large bowl is blocking wash water reaching the adjustable racks.
  • Large utensils should be on the adjustable racks so they do not become dislodged and stop the spray arms from rotating.
  • Sharp or pointed items must be placed horizontally or with sharp edges/points facing down to avoid risk of injury.
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