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Closed Drawer autolock using the remote control

The Closed Drawer autolock feature will lock the dishwasher when the drawer is closed. To enable this feature - with the drawer closed (and no wash program or delay start is active), press and hold 2017-07-03_1213.png on the remote for 6 seconds until you hear a sequence of 4 beeps together. Ignore any beeps prior to the 6 seconds. The drawer is now locked. To unlock, press 2017-07-03_1213.png once. You will hear a sequence of 4 beeps together. The drawer is now unlocked.

  • On double products, the drawers must be locked independently.
  • If the power to the dishwasher is disconnected, the drawer will remain locked.

This feature is highly recommended if the dishwasher is to be used in motor homes.

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