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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Selecting a wash program

Wash program indicators

These show which program is selected.


STANDARD PROGRAMS - designed to clean and dry your dishes

Wash program selector

Press to scroll through the wash programs.


Heavily soiled pots, pans and dishes.


Dishes that are quite heavily soiled or food soils that have been left to dry overnight


Lightly soiled dishes.


Lightly soiled and heat sensitive crockery.


Prevents odors and soils drying on dishes.

ECO indicator

The indicator will glow red when an Eco program has been selected.

ECO PROGRAMS - designed to clean your dishes energy-efficiently 


HEAVY ECO 2017-07-03_1152.png

Heavily soiled everyday dishes.

NORMAL ECO 2017-07-03_1152.png

Normal soiled dishes for optimum water and energy usage. The Energy Guide is based on this cycle.

FAST ECO 2017-07-03_1152.png

Lightly soiled, non-greasy dishes.

DELICATE 2017-07-03_1152.png


Lightly soiled, non-greasy and heat sensitive crockery.



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