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Parts Supplied


Parts Req - Drain Hose.JPG

Drain Hose Support (1)

Parts Req - Drain Hose Joiner.JPG

Drain Hose Joiner (1)

Parts Req - Wire Clip.JPG

Wire Clip (2)

(for securing Drain hose joiner)

Parts Req - Clamp.JPG

Clamp (1)

(for securing Drain Hose joiner)

Parts Req - Side Mounting Bracket Kit.JPG

Side Mounting Bracket Kit (A and B) (2)


Parts Req - Top Mounting Bracket.JPG

Top Mounting Brackets (2)


Parts Req - Phillips 16mm Screws.JPG

Phillips 16mm Screws (9)

Parts Req - Washer.JPG

Rubber Washer for Inlet Hose (1)

(come already fitted)

Parts Req - Moisture protection Tape.JPG

Moisture Protection Tape (1)

(to prevent moisture damage to cabinetry)

Parts Req - Hexagonal.JPG

Hexagonal socket for feet adjustment (2) 

(long & short)

Parts Req - DD60DA toekick.JPG

DD60DA models Only

Prefinished toekick (1)

Securing Pins (4)

Parts Req - DD60DC toekick.JPG

DD60DC models Only

Prefinished toekick (1)

If the Drain hoses supplied are not long enough to reach your services, you must use a Drain Hose Extension Kit P/N 525798 which will extend the drain hoses by 3.6 m.  The kit is available from the nearest Fisher & Paykel Authorised Service Centre or our local website listed at the end of this document.


Dishdrawer™ Installation Overview

This video provides an overview of what is needed to install a DishDrawer™. It is intended as an overview only of the installation process and is not intended to be
used as a guide on how to install a DishDrawer™ yourself.



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