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Getting Started Quickly



  • Sort your washing carefully. Separate white/light colours from dark colours. Wash new, highly coloured and dark coloured items separately to prevent dye transfer. Refer to the ‘Sorting and loading’ section.
  • Load your clothes individually into the drum. Close the door.
  • Use ‘Top Loader/Front Loader’, ‘Low Suds’, ‘High Efficiency’ or ‘HE’ powder, liquid or pods. Pour liquid detergent into the correct compartment in the dispenser drawer marked Liquid Detergent Compartment.PNG. If you wish to use powdered detergent you MUST remove the liquid detergent insert by firmly grasping and twisting the left hand side of the internal compartment and pulling upwards. If you are using detergent pods place them at the back of the drum before adding your clothing. For more information on detergent refer to the ‘Detergent and fabric softener’ section.
  • If you wish to use fabric softener, pour it in the compartment marked with a Fabric Softener Compartment.PNG. For more information on fabric softener refer to the ‘Detergent and fabric softener’ section.
Fabric softener should not be used if you have selected the ‘Quick Wash 30’ cycle.

Getting started quickly_liquid deter in comp.PNG

Liquid detergent in compartment marked Liquid Detergent Compartment.PNG

Getting started quickly_Fabric Softener in comp.PNG

Fabric softener in compartment marked Fabric Softener Compartment.PNG


Getting started quickly_WD8560F1_WD7560P1_Wd8060P1.PNG

WD8560F1, WD7560P1 and WD8060P1 models



  1. Press ‘POWER’ to activate your washer dryer.
  2. Select your wash or dry cycle by turning the SmartTouch™ Control Dial.
  3. If you are wanting to perform a wash, dry or continuous wash and dry cycle touch the ‘Select’ button to change to the desired cycle functionality.
  4. Choose your wash or dry options (if you wish to select options different from the default options for the cycle).
  5. Touch Start_Pause Button.JPG to start the cycle.
  • If you make an invalid selection the washer dryer will beep to alert you.
  • When the cycle finishes, your washer dryer will perform end of cycle beeps and then turn off automatically.
  • If you wish to stop your washer dryer at any point during a wash or dry cycle simply touch Start_Pause Button.JPG to pause the cycle. There may be a slight delay while the drum comes to a stop, then the door will unlock. Under certain conditions however the door will remain locked for safety reasons (refer to the ‘Safety features’ section).
  • If you wish to cancel or change the wash cycle once a cycle has started, simply touch the Start_Pause Button.JPG button then select the new cycle. Touch Start_Pause Button.JPG to restart the washer dryer.
  • For the best fabric and colour care, remove your clothes as soon as the cycle has finished.
  • Failure to follow the advice in this guide may result in damage to your garments and your expectations of wash and dry performance may not be met.
  • Sort and load items into the drum, ensuring no items are in the way of the door. Close the door (you will hear it click).


Getting started quickly_WD8560F1_WD7560P1_Wd8060P1 #2.PNG




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