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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Before You Do Your First Wash



Before You Start, It is a Good Idea To Go Through The Following Checklist:

  1. Have the packaging and transit bolts been removed?
  2. Is the drain hose threaded through the ‘U bend’ (with no more than 20mm extended) and hooked into your standpipe or tub, or attached to a spigot?
  3. Is the cold hose connected to the cold valve? Has the tap been turned on and connected to the washer dryer?
  4. Is the machine correctly levelled? Are the feet locked and cabinet corners clear of the floor and walls?
  5. Has the power cord been connected to an appropriate power supply and the power turned on?
  6. Has the installation test cycle been performed?
  7. We recommend you complete your first cycle with a half-load amount of detergent and without a load in order to remove any residues remaining in the machine from the manufacturing process.
You must ensure all 4 transit bolts have been removed from your washer dryer before you start using it. If the transit bolts are not removed, they will damage your washer dryer and YOUR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY WILL BE COMPROMISED.




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