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Wash Cycle Options



All wash cycles default to the recommended options for that cycle based on the average expected load to be washed. You can vary the options (eg ‘Wash Temp’, ‘Spin Speed’) to create your desired cycle.

Note-Icon.png Some options are not available on some cycles, for clothes care reasons, or because the option is not appropriate for the cycle.

To change a wash option or options you have selected after a cycle has started, touch Start_Pause Button.JPG and select your new setting, then touch Start_Pause Button.JPG again to resume the cycle with the new setting or settings. Note: some options may not be available for selection under certain conditions and after particular stages of the cycle have passed.


Wash Temp

Your washer offers five wash temperatures:

Cold 30°C 40°C 60°C 90°C
  • Simply touch the ‘Wash Temp’ button to increase or decrease the wash temperature.
  • The washer will fill with both hot and cold water to achieve the selected wash temperature. If required the washer will heat the water to the selected temperature.
  • Some temperatures are not available on some cycles as a safeguard for your clothes (eg 90°C on the ‘Delicate’ cycle).

When 90°C temperature is selected, the door glass will become hot. Do not touch the glass part of the door. Keep children away from the washer. 


Time Saver (WM1490F model only)

Your washer offers a ‘Time Saver’ feature that when selected adjusts the cycle programming, by combining special temperature profiling and a unique tumble sequence. The result – excellent wash performance combined with time savings.

This option can be selected on the ‘Everyday’, ‘Cottons’, ‘Heavy’, ‘Easy Iron’, ‘Allergy’ and ‘Sports’ cycles.

Please be aware that a number of factors can influence the amount of time saved on a cycle, including the load size, cycle chosen, water flow rate and load distribution during spin.


Spin Speed

  • Your WM1490F, WM1490P or WM1480P model of washer offers four spin speeds: 500 rpm, 800 rpm, 1100 rpm and 1400 rpm, plus an additional ‘No Spin’ option.
  • Your WM1280J model of washer offers three spin speeds: 500 rpm, 800 rpm, 1200 rpm, plus an additional ‘No Spin’ option.
  • Simply increase or decrease the spin speed by touching the ‘Spin Speed’ button.
  • Selecting ‘No Spin’ will end the cycle after the rinse, allowing you to remove items you wish to drip dry. Note: the washer will complete the default wash and rinse spins for the cycle; only the final spin will not be completed. If you have removed the items you wish to drip dry and there are items remaining that you would like to proceed to spin, press ‘POWER’ and select the ‘Spin’ cycle. If necessary, modify the spin speed to best care for your load (ie spin delicate items at 500 rpm for best garment care).


Soil Level (WM1490P and WM1480P models only)

The ‘Soil Level’ option lets you adjust the wash to suit the amount of soil in your load. For example, select ‘Heavy’ for dirty clothes; for items that are only lightly soiled, select ‘Light’. This adjusts the wash time accordingly to give the load the right amount of agitation to remove the soil.


Wash Boost

Pre Wash

For extra dirty loads you can perform a ‘Pre Wash’. Your washer will start the wash with a short wash in cool water to remove excess soil. After this the machine will drain and then fill at the selected temperature for the main wash.

Simply touch the ‘Wash Boost’ button and select ‘Pre Wash’ when choosing your wash options. Note: ‘Pre Wash’ cannot be selected after a wash cycle has been started, ie if you touch Start_Pause Button.JPG and try to select ‘Pre Wash’ it will be unavailable. ‘Pre Wash’ must be selected at the start of the cycle.

If you use the ‘Pre Wash’ option, liquid or powdered detergent needs to be placed in the correct detergent compartment. The pre wash compartment is on the right hand side of the drawer, marked Start_Power Button.JPG or 1. When you select ‘Pre Wash’, the compartment is flushed at the start of the cycle.


WM1490F, WM1490P and WM1480P Models Only

The detergent for the main wash can either be a powder or a liquid. Place this in the compartment marked Liquid Detergent Compartment.PNG . If using liquid, ensure the internal compartment is installed.


WM1280J Model Only

The detergent for the main wash MUST be a powder, and should be placed in the compartment marked 2.



If you have a particularly dirty load, or you have sensitive skin and wish to give your clothes an extra rinse, select ‘Rinse+’ from the ‘Wash Boost’ options. Your load will undergo an extra rinse to get rid of any residual detergent or soil in the items.

Note-Icon.png  ‘Rinse+’ will not be available if the ‘Eco’ option has been selected.



Soak (WM1490F Model Only) 

A soak option is available on selected wash cycles. When this option is chosen the machine will add a one hour soak sequence, which combines periods of tumbling with soaking to help lift stubborn stains.

If ‘Soak’ and ‘Time Saver’ are selected in the same cycle, the soak duration will be reduced to 30 minutes.

‘Soak’ is not available on ‘Wool’, ‘Drum Clean’, or ‘Super Quick’ cycles.


Wrinkle Free (WM1490F, WM1490P and WM1480P Models Only)

We recommend you remove the clothes from the washer immediately after the completion of the cycle to minimise wrinkling and creasing of items and to prevent dye run. However, if you will not be present at the end of the wash you can select ‘Wrinkle Free’.

When ‘Wrinkle Free’ is selected, the washer will tumble the clothes once every 15 minutes for up to 12 hours after the cycle has finished. The ‘Wrinkle Free’ light and Start_Pause Button.JPG button will flash, and the washer will beep at regular intervals to remind you to remove your load. To remove the load during this phase, simply press the Start_Pause Button.JPG button.



Use the ‘Eco’ option to save water and energy. Selecting ‘Eco’ will reduce the wash temperature slightly and alter the wash and rinse programming.

Note-Icon.png This option will not be available if ‘Pre Wash’ has been selected.
  • If you wish to, you can select both the ‘Pre Wash’ and ‘Rinse+’ ‘Wash Boost’ options to perform on the same cycle. Likewise, you can select ‘Eco’ and ‘Wrinkle Free’ to perform on the same cycle. Touch the appropriate button until both options are selected. Repeat to deselect an option.
  • For clothes care and performance reasons not all options may be available on some cycles.


Add a Garment (WM1490F, WM1490P and WM1480P Models Only) 

The ‘Add a Garment’ option enables you to add or remove items during the wash stage of the cycle, under certain conditions. Once the ‘Add a Garment’ button is touched, the Start_Pause Button.JPG button and time to go will flash. Wait until you hear the door unlock. Open the door and add or remove items. Close the door and touch Start_Pause Button.JPG to restart the cycle. The ‘Add a Garment’ button will only operate during the wash part of the cycle and when the temperature selected is lower than 60°C. ‘Add a Garment’ can be used when the total wash volume has been reached, as your washer will drain the water to a lower level if necessary, so the door can be opened.



This option enables you to deactivate the buttons on the display panel, except for the ‘Power’ and ‘Keylock’ buttons. This prevents accidental button presses.

To turn Keylock mode ON or OFF when the washer is powered on:

  • Touch and hold the  KeyLock 2.PNG button for 2 seconds.
Note-Icon.png when activated, the light above the  KeyLock 2.PNG button is illuminated.

If Keylock mode is activated and the machine is powered off: 

  • To turn your washer on, press the ‘POWER’ button, then touch and hold the KeyLock 2.PNG button for two seconds. Select your wash cycle, options and then touch  Start_Pause Button.JPG to start the cycle.
  • To turn the washer off at anytime when keylock is activated simply press the ‘POWER’ button.


Delay Start 

The ‘Delay Start’ option enables you to delay the start of the wash cycle from between 5 minutes and 12 hours. Times you can select are 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, then hourly up to 12 hours. This can be useful to time your washing to finish when you arrive home from work, or to start once you have finished in the shower. Some stain removers also require you to spray them on then leave for several minutes, before washing. Your washer will wait for the selected time then start without you having to wait or remember to start your machine.

To programme a ‘Delay Start’ time, simply touch the ‘More’ Plus_Higher Button.PNG  button to increase the delay time and ‘Less’Minus_Lower Button.PNG button to decrease the time or turn ‘Delay Start’ off. Touch Start_Pause Button.JPG to confirm your selection and start the countdown. Once started, the time will count down on the digital display screen in 1 minute increments, the ‘Delay Start’ light will flash and the Start_Pause Button.JPG light will stop flashing and turn on solid.

Note-Icon.png if you hold the ‘More’ Plus_Higher Button.PNG button down, the time displayed on the screen will increase after every half a second (more convenient than touching the button repetitively).

To remove a ‘Delay Start’ time once it is counting down, simply touch Start_Pause Button.JPG, then touch the ‘Less’ Minus_Lower Button.PNG button to decrease the time to zero. Touch Start_Pause Button.JPG to start the cycle immediately.

Note-Icon.png We suggest that you avoid using ‘Delay Start’ for damp, non-colourfast items as this may cause dye run to occur. We also recommend you use powder detergent when you use the ‘Delay Start’ function (WM1280J model only).




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