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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Testing the Installation



Check the Operation of the Machine Using the Following Procedure:

  1. Press ‘POWER’ and turn dial to ‘Quick’ or ‘Super Quick’, then touch Start_Pause Button.JPG. Check that the hoses are not leaking at the machine and tap end, while waiting until you see water appear in the drum.
  2. Touch Start_Pause Button.JPG then press ‘POWER’ to stop the cycle and turn the machine off.
  3. Press ‘POWER’ again, turn the dial to ‘Spin’ and touch Start_Pause Button.JPG.
  4. Check the outlet hose is firmly secured in a standpipe or tub, or to a spigot and the machine pumps out and spins.
Testing_Quick 30.PNG
Testing_Super Quick 15.PNG




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