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Drain Hose



Drain Hose Placement in a Stand Pipe or Tub

  1. To guide the drain hose over the tub or standpipe the hose guide must be fitted to the drain hose. The height of the standpipe or tub should be between 800 – 1200mm.
  2. Secure the hose guide so it cannot become dislodged from the standpipe or tub.
  • If the drain hose is placed on the ground or if the standpipe or tub is less than 800mm high, the washing machine will continuously drain while being filled (siphon).
  • Regularly check that your standpipe or tub is free from lint or other obstructions, which may affect how your machine works or may cause flooding.

Drain Hose #1.PNG

Fitting the drain hose guide

Attaching Drain Hose to Spigot

  1. Guide drain hose through hose guide
  2. Secure hose guide to back wall of cupboard using a screw. The height of the drain hose should be between 500 – 800mm from ground level.
  3. Attach drain hose to spigot and secure using a hose clamp ensuring the blanking insert is cleared from spigot.
  4. Check for leaks.
  • The drain hose should be checked from time to time and replaced if any damage (eg wear, cuts, bulges, kinks, leaks, etc) is found. Do not bend the drain hose sharply, as this may cause it to split.
  • In multi-storey apartments or any upper floor, the machine should be installed on a floor equipped with a drain.
  • Draining must comply with local by-laws.

Drain Hose #2.PNG

Attaching drain hose to spigot




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