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Possible Cause What to Do

Machine Overloaded

Do not overload washer.  Try washing an average sized load with items of a similar weight.

Incorrect Cycle for Load type

Gentler cycles such as 'Easy Iron',  'Handwash' , 'Delicate', 'Steam Fresh' (if available) can help reduce creasing.

Wash Temperature is too Hot for load type.

  • Selecting a lower wash temperature can help reduce creasing. 
  • Check items care label for correct care.
  • Check the hot and cold taps are connected to the correct valves. Refer to 'Water supply' in your installation guide

Spin speed too fast

Choosing a slower spin speed can help reduce creasing.

Items not sorted correctly Sort load so that items of similar weight are washed together, refer to 'Sorting & Loading'  or 'Wash preparation' in your User Guide.
Wrinkle Free Option If your Washer has the 'Wrinkle Free' Option, try this to minimize creasing.

Wet clothes left in washer or laundry basket

Laundry left sitting wet is more likely to crease. If not removing clothes from washer immediately at end of cycle, select the ‘Wrinkle Free’ option (if available).  Do not leave wet washing sitting in a washing basket.

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