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Items Very Wet at the End of the Cycle


Possible Cause What to Do
Cycle selected not appropriate

Particularly short or delicate cycles have shorter spins which can result in wetter washing at the end of the cycle.

An out of balance load has occurred

The washer compensates for the out of balance by using a lower spin speed, to reduce noise and potential damage to itself.  Ensure items are spread evenly and aren’t folded when loading your washer.

Incorrect spin speed for load selected Select a faster spin speed (if available)

Pump filter blocked

User warning ‘CLR FLTR’ or fault code ‘ERR37’ indicates a blockage in the pump filter. Turn off washer, unplug from the power outlet and refer to 'Caring for your washer' in your User Guide for help with clearing the blockage. If the problem persists or reccurs, you will need a Service Technician to assist with this - Click Here to schedule a visit.


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