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Detergent or Fabric Softener Leftover in Dispenser



Possible Cause What to Do
Dispenser compartment not dry before adding powder Before adding powder detergent, dry the dispenser to prevent caking. Also, ensure the liquid detergent dispenser is removed (where necessary). Refer to "Detergent and softener" in your User Guide.
Dispenser over loaded with detergent or fabric softener Clean out remaining detergent or fabric softener and refer to 'Detergent and Fabric Softener' in your User Guide.
Dirty or Blocked dispenser Clean the detergent dispenser drawer refer to 'Caring for your Washer' in your User Guide.
Dispenser drawer not properly closed or was opened part way through the cycle Ensure the dispenser drawer is fully closed at the start of the cycle and remains closed throughout the cycle.
Composition of powder detergent makes it difficult to dispense Dissolve the detergent with water before adding to the dispenser drawer to aid with dispensing.

Liquid sitting at the ‘Max’ level at the end of the cycle indicates a blockage

A small amount of liquid at the end of a cycle is normal, but if the liquid is close to the MAX level, try cleaning the drawer to rid of any blockages.

Clean the fabric softener dispenser refer to 'Caring for your Washer' in your User Guide.

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