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Water Under Washer


Possible Cause What to Do

Uneven surface

Your washer should be on a level surface to prevent it moving during a cycle. Adjust the feet if required – refer to your User Guide for further information.

Detergent dispenser blocked Clean detergent dispenser drawer refer 'Caring for your Washer' in your User Guide.

Inlet hoses – leaks or damage

If the two inlet hoses are correctly connected to the taps, check the hoses for leaks or damage and replace if required.

Drain hose – leaks or damage

If the drain hose is correctly connected to the standpipe or tub, check the hose for leaks or damage and replaced if required.

Suds build-up

These may have leaked from your washer and then dissolved.

Detergent drawer

Before adding powder detergent, dry the dispenser to prevent caking. Also, ensure the liquid detergent dispenser is removed and the drawer fully closed.

Door seal

Check the rubber seal inside the door for leaks/damage, replacing if required.

Water pressure

Test the water pressure elsewhere in your household – this may be too strong.


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