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Possible Cause What to Do

Transit bolts

Ensure transit bolts are removed prior to use of the machine refer to 'Installation Instructions' in your User Guide.

Transit Bolts & Rod Removal

(WH1060 & WH1260 Models Only)

Ensure you have checked the following, refer to your Installation Manual for further information:

  • Have the transit bolts been removed
  • Is the drain hose threaded through the ‘U bend‘ (with no more than 20mm extended) and hooked into your standpipe
  • Is the hot hose connected to the Hot valve? Is the cold hose connected to the Cold valve.
  • Is the machine correctly levelled and feet locked.
  • Have you performed the installation test cycle.

For a Video on removing the Transit Bolts, please click here.

Wash load not balanced

Wash an average sized load rather than a smaller load or a single item. Washing one item at a time is not recommended as it is difficult for the washer to balance a single item during spin.
Washer may not be level

Your washer should be on a level surface to prevent it moving during a cycle. Adjust the feet if required – refer to your User Guide for further information.

Surface type

Vibrating is particularly common on wooden surfaces.

Nearby items

Remove any items that are touching or near your washer.


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