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Poor Soil Removal


Possible Cause What to Do
Items require a longer wash time Select a higher soil level option if available (WH8560P, WH8060P and WH7560P models only).
Incorrect wash temperature selected in relation to the type of soil. Select a wash temperature suitable for the type of soil, eg warm for greasy soils, cold for muddy soils. Increasing the wash temperature generally improves soil removal and overall wash performance.

Detergent type

Using low-sudsing detergent suitable for front-loaders, adjust the quantity of detergent with the size of the wash load.

Insufficient detergent Ensure the correct dose of detergent is used for the load size and soil level, refer to 'Detergent & Fabric Softener' in your User Guide.
Incorrect wash cycle selected Select a wash cycle that is appropriate for the amount of dirt, refer 'Wash Cycles' in your User Guide.
Load was particularly dirty Select ‘Pre Wash’ for particularly dirty loads, refer to 'Wash Cycle Options' in your User Guide.
Items not sorted correctly Wash heavily and lightly soiled garments separately.
Washer overloaded Ensure the washer is not overloaded in terms of its capacity or the cycle selected, refer to 'Wash Cycles' in your User Guide.

Washer dirty from previous wash

After washing particularly dirty clothing, we recommend putting the washer through a ‘Rinse’ cycle after the load has been removed, to wash away any remnants of dirt and to prevent it contaminating future washes.


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