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Not Filling


Possible Cause What to Do

Water supply – household

Check the flow rate of water elsewhere in your household. If it is slow or there is no water, you may need to contact your water supplier.


Turning off the cold tap first, disconnect the inlet hose from the straight (tap) end before carefully turning the tap back on to check the water flow.

Inlet hose – kinks

Straighten any kinks along the inlet hose that connects your dishwasher to the cold tap as these can restrict water flow. If the kinks return, you may need to replace the hoses.

Spray arm out of position


The spray arm rinses your dishes but won’t work if dislodged or fitted incorrectly. Installation varies between models – please refer to your User Guide or refer to Video: How to Check Spray Arm on your DishDrawer™

Spray arm blocked

Try removing, rinsing, and cleaning the spray arm as per your User Guide.

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