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Not Starting when Start/Pause Button Pressed



Possible Cause What to Do
Keylock turned on Turn off Keylock as per 'Wash Cycle Options' in your User Guide as this function locks the controls
Dryer door open Make sure the door is fully closed before starting.
'Star/Pause' not touched firmly enough Touch the 'Start/Pause' again.
Dryer is paused 'Start/Pause' light will be flashing. Touch the 'Start/Pause' button resume the cycle.
Is the dryer displaying a user warning or fault code? Refer 'Fault Codes' in your User Guide.
Water tank full or not properly in place Empty the water tank refer to 'Caring for your Dryer'  or 'Emptying the Water Collection Tank' in your User Guide.  Ensure the water tank is properly in place.
Lint filter needs to be emptied Empty the lint filter after every cycle and ensure it is correctly in place.
Dryer is overloaded Remove some items from the dryer
‘Delay Start’ function is set Refer to 'Drying Cycle Options' in your User Guide,  for more information.
Control panel is “asleep” This is normal. Press ‘POWER’ to activate the control panel.
Dryer is unplugged Make sure the dryer plug is pushed completely into the outlet.
Fuse is blown/circuit breaker is tripped

Check the building’s fuse/circuit breaker box and replace fuse or reset breaker.

Note-Icon.png Electric dryers use two fuses or breakers.


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