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Interior features

Variable-temperature drawer

This drawer is controlled by a separate system to the refrigerator and freezer compartments to provide you with greater flexibility of food storage.

Different foods require different storage temperatures so we have designed this drawer to operate from -5°C to 3°C. This enables you to set the perfect temperature based on what you are storing in the drawer.

The variable-temperature drawer is suitable for storing fruit and vegetables as well as dairy products, deli products and fresh meats.

  • The 3°C setting is suitable for most fresh, perishable food items such as fruit and vegetables, dairy products and deli items.
  • If you are storing fruit and vegetables, keep the drawer set at 3°C and loosely wrap your produce in plastic bags. This will reduce moisture loss and prevent excess moisture build-up.
  • To store fresh meat, adjust the temperature to a lower (colder) setting eg -1°C. Ensure the meat is fresh when purchased and covered or wrapped-well during storage.

The variable-temperature drawer


Your refrigerator is fitted with shelves specially designed to retain spills, making clean up easier.

  • The shelves can be repositioned at different heights to accommodate different food storage container sizes and heights.
  • To remove the shelf, use the front edge to pull the shelf forward (A).

Shelf removal

Fruit and vegetable bin

The fruit and vegetable bin provides a humid environment for your produce ensuring moisture is retained, nutrients are locked in and your fruit and vegetables are kept fresher for longer.

  • To remove the bin, pull it out until it stops, then lift and continue to slide the bin until it is fully extended.

Fruit and vegetable bin humidity slide

The bin has a humidity control slide that can be adjusted to fruit or vegetable setting depending on what is being stored in the bins.

  • If you are storing fruit, set the humidity slide to the fruit setting (left side).
  • If you are storing vegetables, set the humidity slide to the vegetable setting (right side).
  • If you are storing a mixture of fruit and vegetables, position the humidity slide in the centre.

Humidity Control graphic

Humidity mat

The humidity mat is designed to hold your fruit and vegetables off the base of the bin. This increases air flow around your produce thereby preventing rotting.

Door shelves

Door shelves can be moved to meet individual storage needs.

  • To remove the door shelf, lift the shelf up (B) and pull straight out (C).
  • To install, place shelf into desired door liner retainer, push down gently until shelf stops.

Door shelves
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