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Installation instructions – Trim kit

Please follow the steps for installation to ensure your trim kit operates correctly.

Top trim clip H0060114628 (2)

Side trim clip H0060114629 (8)

Trim end LH H0060224901 (2)

Trim end RH H0060224901A (2)

Screw H0130100516 (20)

Top corner non hinged RH H0060224899 (1)

Top corner non hinged LH H0060224899A (1)

Top corner hinged LH H0060224900 (1)

Top corner hinged RH H0060224900A (1)

Top trim H0060114625 (1)

Side trim bottom compartment hinged side H0060114626B (1)

Side trim top compartment hinged side H0060114626A (1)

Side trim non hinged side H0060114626 (1)

Mounting the trim clips to the cabinetry

Attach brackets at ‘Installation Instructions — Refrigerator’, ‘1. Preparations before installation’.

Installation of trim kit

Attach trims at ‘Installation Instructions — Refrigerator’, ‘10. Finishing work’.

Top trim () is correct length for cabinets with 16mm wall thickness. For 18mm wall thickness, 4mm will need to be cut off the top trim


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