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Connect to Gas Supply


NG Model

LPG Model

If converting to LPG, see 16 'Converting to a different gas type'

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  • Adjust to obtain a test point pressure of 20 mbar with all the burners operating at highest setting.
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  • Make sure the supply pressure is regulated to 29 mbar, with all the burners operating at highest setting.

All Models

Make sure the connection point will be accessible with the cooktop installed. To enable the gas supply to be readily shut o by the customer, make sure the connection is fitted with an isolating valve close to the cooktop.

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If Connecting the Gas with a Flexible Hose: 

  • Ensure the hose is long enough to allow for removal of cooktop for servicing.
  • Make sure the connector is located as shown in step 5 CLEARANCE DIMENSIONS.
  • Hose assembly must be AS/NZS 1869 Class B or D certified, with an Rp 1⁄2” (ISO 7‐1) female thread connection.
  • Hose assembly must be as short as practicable and comply with relevant AS 5601/NZS 5261 requirements.
  • Hose must not be kinked, subjected to abrasion or permanently deformed.
  • Hose must not be near or in contact with any hot surfaces(e.g. base of metal hotlplate, flue, or chassis of underbench oven etc.)
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