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Operating Instructions - Starting a Wash


Operating Instructions #1.JPG

Discard Scraps

Scrape large food particles off (e.g. bones, fruit stones) and remove any foreign objects (e.g. toothpicks, strings, paper).

Operating Instructions - #4.JPG

Add detergent and check rinse
Fill the detergent dispenser (a) with powdered detergent and close the
dispenser door.  

Do not place liquid detergent or tablets in the detergent dispenser.  

If the indicator on its plug (c) flashes bright red, refill the rinse aid dispenser (b) with liquid rinse aid.
Make sure you then refit the rinse
aid plug back into its original
If using a tablet, place it in the
cutlery basket (d) or at the bottom
of the drawer.

Operating Instructions #2.JPG

Load Dishes Carefully

To help with wash performance, arrange dishes so they are evenly spaced and not nesting.

Operating Instructions - #5.JPG

Select wash

Power DishDrawer on Power Button.JPG then select wash program Select Wash Program.JPG.

Operating Instructions #3.JPG

Check Spray Arm(s)

Ensure there are no items blocking the spray arm(s) from rotating.

Operating Instructions - #6.JPG

Start wash or set Delay start

Close the drawer and press Start_Pause.JPG.


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