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Fitting a Custom Toekick Panel



Custom Toekick Panel

Custom Toekick Panel - Fitting a ctkp.JPG

Toekick Depth Measurement.JPG

Depth is measured from FRONT of door panel (assuming thickness ~18mm) to front face of custom toekick panel.

1. If you require a cutout in your custom toekick panel, choose the most appropriate cutout profile (A or B) depending on the final depth of your toekick panel.

Toekick Panel Cutting Template.JPG

5. Place the Toekick mounting bracket onto your toekick panel. Ensure they are centered and the horizontal ribs at the top of the template aligns with the top surface of the panel. 

6. Secure template to panel using the supplied toekick mounting screws.

2. Place the Toekick panel cutting template onto your toekick panel. Ensure they are centered and the template rests on the top surface of the panel.
3. Secure template to panel either by clamping or using the supplied mounting screws.

Toekick Panel Template 2.JPG

After market panel.JPG

4. After marking the panel, carefully cut or router out the desired profile. Use the template as a cutting guide.

Ensure all bare edges are sealed appropriately.

Toekick Mounting Rails.JPG

7. Slide the toekick onto the mounting rails either side and screw the toekick onto the bottom of tub on either side.

Do not overtighten screw.