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Custom Drawer Panel Calculations



Front Panel Material Specifications

  • 16 - 20mm panel thickness
  • Adequately sealed to withstand moisture (50OC @ 80% RH).  Because of it being a hot and wet environment generally, the back and sides of the panel should be completely sealed with a waterproof vapour barrier (ie polyurethane) to prevent damage to the panel.
  • The back of the panel (including any integrated handle) should be completely flush so that the seal between the panel and the rubber trim is maintained.
  • Installation outside these specs may result in condensation on cabinetry surfaces.
  • Maximum weight of each panel: 9kg

The following calculations assume the top of the upper panel is aligned with the top of the adjacent cabinetry.  The final panel/cabinetry alignment is achieved by adjusting the feet:

Width of all Panels

Measure A (the width between adjacent door/drawer fronts) and write it in the first box below, then complete the equation.

Custom Drawer Panel Double - Width.JPG


The ‘upper panel extension’ allows for the top of the upper panel to extend above the chassis where required, however a min. 2mm gap to the benchtop must be maintained.

Custom Drawer Panel Double - Width of all.JPG


Width of All Panels

Height of the Upper Panel

Custom Drawer Panel Double - Height.JPG

The ‘upper panel extension’ B allows for the top of the upper panel to extend above the chassis where required, however a min. 2mm gap to the benchtop must be maintained.

Height of the Lower Panel

Measure C (door/drawer height (or equivalent)) and write it in the first box below, then complete the equation.

Custom Drawer Panel Double - Height Lower.JPG




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