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Product Dimensions



Prod Dim Double - Front.JPG


Prod Dim Double - Profile.JPG


Prod Dim Double - Plan.JPG


Product Dimensions DD60DI & DD60DHI (mm)
A.  Overall height of product 1, 2 820-880
B.  Overall width of product 599
C.  Overall depth of product 3 571
D. Depth of chassis (to back of front drawer panel) 553
E.  Depth of drawer front panel 16-20
F.  Height of chassis 1 811
G.  Height of drawer front panels min. 717
H.  Height of upper drawer front panel min. 398
I.  Height of lower drawer front panel 311-360
J.  Ventilation gap between drawer front panels 8
K.  Height of toekick (customisable) 58-118
L.  Depth from front of drawer panel to front of toekick (adjustable) 4, 5 40-100
M.  Height of leveling feet (adjustable) 2 9-69
N.  Maximum extension of drawer 3 545

1 Includes 2mm high bracket slots

2 Depending on adjustment of leveling feet

3 Assuming front panel thickness of 18mm
4 Adjustable to match toekick recess on adjoining cabinetry
5 Assuming custom toekick panel thickness of 18mm; if recess is between 50-84mm deep, the panel will need to be cut out - see step ‘Custom panel calculations’




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