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Integrated Models with Badge (GB IE) ONLY - Installing the Front Panels & Badge Controls

Details how to install the front panel for integrated model with badge only.


1. Determine badge cutout location


Electrical Shock Hazard

  • Before continuing, ensure that the product is disconnected from the power supply.
  • Failure to follow this warning may result in electrical shock, injury or fire.


2. Remove bracket & disconnect badge 

Repeat for the other drawer


3. Route badge wiring through panel 

Repeat for the other drawer


4. Attach panel to panel bracket 

There must be at least 3 screws used each side

Break off and discard the tab at the top of the Lower Panel Bracket.

Align bottom of panel with bottom of bracket

5. Reattach badge & earth the panel


Electrical Shock Hazard

  • Connect the integrated badge earth wire to one of the two tabs provided on the panel bracket.
  • To earth the panel bracket, connect the earth wire from the product to the other tab.
  • Any custom metal component (e.g. handle) that extends past the rubber seal must be earthed too.
  • Failure to follow these warnings may result in electrical shock, injury or fire.

Repeat for the other drawer


6. Attach panel to product 

When refitting the door pins, ensure they are orientated as shown.

Repeat for the other drawer


7. Adjust panel height to align the cabinetry gaps

With the front panel fitted, insert an appropriately sized Philips screwdriver into the hole above the door pin and rotate the panel up or down to align the gaps in your cabinetry.

Repeat on the other side if necessary.

The panel has a maximum travel of 2 mm up or down.

Ensure that you maintain a minimum of 8 mm ventilation gap between the upper and lower panels.

 8. Fitting a custom toekick panel

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