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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Cavity Preparation

The power outlet must be located in a cabinet adjacent to the dishwasher cavity. 220-240 VAC min. 9.5 A

Services can be located either side of dishwasher.

Water Connection

Recommended COLD (Maximum 60°C).
3/4“ BSP (GB20) to suit flat washer.

Water Pressure

Water softener models
Max. 1 MPa (145 psi)
Min. 0.1 MPa (14.5 psi)

Models without water softener
Max. 1 MPa (145 psi)
Min. 0.03 MPa (4.3 psi)

Kosher requirements

Drains will need to be separated to satisfy kosher requirements. We suggest you confirm acceptability with your local rabbi in respect to kosher installations.


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